1. Jimi Alexander & The Satellites - Invisible Man
2. Electric Bill - Hard Times
3. Alison Clash - Tubby Brothers
4. The Ash and The Oak - The Country is Young
5. One String Loose - Nashville Radio
6. Blind River Scare - Walking on Hell's Roof Looking at the Flowers
7. The Sodamen - Blink of an Eye
8. The Brynhyfryd Road Folk Arkestra - Llamas in Llanyrafon
9. The Grief Brothers - Dollar Dress
10. Lone Pine - Workingman's Palace
11. Guto Dafis - Pill Sailor
12. MOG - Death of the European
13. Give Me Memphis with Andrea Lewis - Millionaire
14. Quim - Deep Sea Diver

Country Mile Records are proud to release a compilation of some of South Wales’ finest talent covering songs by legendary Newport born singer/songwriter Jon Langford (The Mekons, Waco Brothers, The Three Johns).

Included are contributions from members of The Darling Buds (on “Millionaire”), finalists in the BBC Young Folk Awards 2008 – One String Loose (“Nashville Radio”), Welsh melodeon player Guto Dafis (“Pill Sailor”) and Cardiff based folk singer, Charlotte Greig as part of the Brynhyfrd Road Folk Arkestra with their unreleased Langford composition “Llamas in Llanaraven” .

Jon supported the project from the outset and provided the cover art for the CD (Jon is celebrated artist as well as a musician) and despite now residing in Chicago, visits South Wales regularly.